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Throughout the year, we watch many movies and TV programs. Some of these programs leave a lasting image in our minds. Every year, award ceremonies are held to recognize these great programs and the people behind them.

Here are some top events in the entertainment industry that takes place every year.

Golden Globes

This event started in 1944 and is held every year ever since. The event is held to recognize excellence in American and international movies and television. Apart from the regular awards, a special award is given as an honorary mention to the person who has contributed a lot to the entertainment industry.


It is the Academy Awards that are given to accolade the performances in the film industry. It is the most awaited entertainment event of the year. The Oscars is one of the oldest and most prestigious award ceremonies in the entertainment industry.

The Emmy Awards

This award recognizes the contributions to the American television industry. The award is given in every category such as drama series, documentary show, reality show, and more.

These events are organized to motivate the performers and others involved in the production of various movies and TV programs so that they can give us even more quality entertainment in the coming years.